Grilled Salmon with Avocado Salsa

We found some wild caught salmon in our wanderings today. This looks like the perfect way to prepare it.

The Pantry Portfolio

grilled salmon with avocado salsaTonight we had a salmon feast to round out a week of celebrations!  While we chose to make this week of school vacation a ‘staycation’ it ended up to be filled with day after day of reasons to raise a glass.  Here are just some of the highlights.

  1. On Easter Sunday last weekend we spent the day with both of our parents, enjoying a feast of roasted lamb, with scalloped potatoes and roasted veggies.   It is such a joy to see our parents get along and our evening was filled with laughter and storytelling.
  2. Tuesday was our two year wedding anniversary!  To mark the day, we went to a fancy dinner in town at Alden and Harlow. (If you love good food and you visit Boston I highly recommend this spot!) Instead of bread they give you pickled green beans. They have just the right amount of flavor and…

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