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Make Panner @Home

I was so happy to find this! Very much like cottage cheese, but with an extra step!

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Paneer (Cottage Cheese)  is good for teeth and bones. It is good source of rich protein, vitamin-B. It helps in making immune system strong and  very good for kids. It has Linoleic  fatty acid; which is good for heart. Using Paneer varieties of dishes can be made; which is loved by everyone. 


  •  Milk – 2 liter
  • Fresh lemon juice – 3/4 tbs
  • Ice cube/cold water
  • Cheese clothes/cotton handkerchief/Muslin cloth
  • Any heavy weight item like pressure cooker, mortar


Step 1 – Take milk in large bowl and boil it

Step 2 – When milk starts boiling, add one cup of cold water to reduce temperature

Step 3 – Add lemon juice and stir it also reduce stove flame.When milk curdle completely then switch off the stove and add ice cube or ice cold water

Step 4 – Keep  strainer on top of bowl and cover with cloth then…

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